• How to insulate garage ceiling with room above

    How to insulate garage ceiling with room above

    Garage, carport, or personal lab, whatever you call it are usually located just outside your house or just form a large room beside your main living house. Although they’re not a usual place for people to spent for a long time, it’s still a room that worthy of attention and love. In this article we will discuss on how to insulate garage ceiling with room above. Starting from the garage.

    Considerations when you're about to seal your garages.

    How to insulate garage ceiling with room above

    Most garages are a haven for all kinds of highly flammable, slick, oily and noxious stuff. Your bucket of Paint, motor oil, gasoline, various house cleaning products, pesticides, and sometime gardening equipments with seeds and manure are stored on  your garage shelves just few feet or even right next to your living spaces.  There are also electrical appliances such as your car battery charger, spare batteries and perhaps a generator set which a fire hazard item.

    Your garage can also become a gas chamber. By heating up your car engine inside your garage, deadly carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, can built up inside and seeping in to your living space.

    Most of garages may have concrete floors or walls which brought us to another problem namely the noise.  It came from your tools, motors or just plain activities. It can suddenly wake up your lover or your children or perhaps both of them at same time . Or just become an annoyance to anyone living in your home and nearby  which can limit the amount of banging and working you need to do.

    Your garage got attic ? Good, but during summer, heated up attic may inject quite amount of its heat to your garage, turning it into two stories oven.  That itself be enough reason for begin an insulation project. Which we will discuss in this how to insulate garage ceiling with room above article.

    Insulating the garages

    How to insulate garage ceiling with room above

    How to insulate garage ceiling with room above must begin with the garage first. The purpose is to prevent built up of deadly gases from actually seeping in your main living space. This step however requires you to have access to framing of your walls. Should it already be covered with dry walls, you must consider if removing the drywall would worth the time.  Recommendation however is to go with it to ensure good sealing.

    Surprisingly, it's cheap on how to insulate garage ceiling with room above, all you need is caulking gun and some buckets of great stuff silicone seals. Start off by examining the wall. Look for any visible cracks, holes or gaps like those usually left over by your electricians or plumber. Once found, squirt them full of great stuff.  Any holes where electrical cable or plumbing pierce the wall of your garage need those great stuff.

    Another candidate for caulk gunning on how to insulate garage ceiling with room above article are light switches and/or electrical outlets on the wall that protrude through your home's main living spaces. Putting air seal around them is easy with a bead of silicone caulk around the perimeter of its electrical box where it protrudes through the drywall. Squirt enough amount of caulk around any holes in the electrical box where the wires enter and exit, you can them smooth the caulk with your finger. One word of caution in this how to insulate garage ceiling with room above article, when doing the shooting, make sure that you not shoot too much inside the electric box.

    How to insulate garage ceiling with room above

    After wall, it's time to focus the great stuff gunning on the bottom of the wall. Fumes are mostly carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that are heavier than air. It can seep in underneath the wall framing where the wood rests on the concrete or block foundation. Gun those part full of silicone caulk along the bottom of the wall between the wood and the concrete. After gunning, you should smooth out your white great stuff you just gun there by running your finger around the wall. It will fill the cracks full of it thus sealing it from the fumes. If your wall has a double plate or two 2X4s resting on the foundation, shoot another  batch of great stuff  in between the 2X4s and smooth it up with your hand.


    It's now the time to seal the not so air tight part of 2x4 that touch the inside of your home. Quickly gun down the air cavity around the perimeter of your wall with great stuff. Worry not of looks as perfection is not the goal for this task. Plus the part you seal is won't likely to be seen by others.  As with previous section, bottom part is of a concern due to nature of carbon dioxide. Make sure you gun it tight with great stuff. Easy, cheap and fun, once you get to hang around it. engage-today

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